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When the student is ready a teacher appears….Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about how to get started or where you need to head on your next book, blog or project?  Allow me help you breakthrough whatever is holding you back by guiding you through your blocks and barriers.  I have helped coach some of the most accomplished authors and creative speakers in the world get to the next level in their writing and presentations--and I can do the same for you.  My exclusive one on one coaching is a rare opportunity to work through your ideas, concepts, story, flow or whatever it is you want to focus on.  I have 25 years of expertise in writing and publishing I want to share to help you get to wherever it is you want to go next.

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What’s Your Story


Simple question…yet most people fumble with their answer.  Worse, companies and organizations have a hard time telling their stories, making it hard to create continuity in the workplace among its employees.  Powerful storytelling is the secret to a more effective, efficient and productive culture.




Nothing connects people faster and more intimately than an emotional story others can identify with.  Our brains aren’t hard wired to retain facts and figures very long but they are hard wired to retain stories. And that’s why owning your narrative is one of the most powerful tools in business.  And yet many business leaders today are more caught up in the latest buzz words that don’t accurately or authentically reflect who they are, leaving customers, investors and employees confused.  The problem is, those leaders aren’t as comfortable with sharing their internal stories—the experiences of the men and women who work there as they are their external stories—their customer experience.  But they should be because there’s much greater value in talking about your internal experiences, especially when your employees are sharing how happy they are and why they’ll never leave your company. 


If you’re a business leader looking to create that elusive yet desirable “sticky environment” that not only attracts the brightest and best in your field but also keeps them, in fact draws these people to your company, you need a signature story-- the story you tell that takes your audience where you want them to go. It’s the story that clearly states who you are, what you stand for and how you want to be seen by others. 


Creating Your Signature Story is a half day workshop designed to help you get to the core of your signature story. The powerful three one hour sessions are designed to teach:


  1. The Value of Powerful  Storytelling

  2. Discovering Your Signature Story

  3. Crafting Your Signature Story




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